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Mother Provincial's visit to our school

Our congregation's new Mother Provincial, Sr Rachel Frendo, was invited to our school on her first official visit. Sr Rachel is not new to the school, in fact, she has served our school community for more than 20 years in different roles. For these last two years, Sr Rachel was the assistant head responsible for pastoral care both in the Primary and in the Secondary. Apart from coordinating all pastoral care services and organising all spiritual activities, she also offered support to many staff members and students. She was given a very warm welcome by everyone on her visit.



Religion through Sports

This is a new subject which has been received very well by the students. Its aim is to convey Christian values through sports. While increasing a physical exercise lesson to the Form 1 and 2 curriculum we are also teaching values through a concrete and fun way.



Venerable Teresa Spinelli

St Monica B' Kara

This year, our Mother Foundress Maria Teresa Spinelli was declared Venerable by the Pope. This is the first step to her being canonised. To celebrate this wonderful occasion with our St Monica family, students, ex-students, staff and ex-staff members were invited to a Eucharistic celebration, celebrated by the Archbishop. This celebration took place in the small square in front of St Monica B'Kara in which a monument of Teresa Spinelli stands.



Father's Day activity

School Hall


For the second consecutive year we have celebrated Father's Day with our Primary students. Fathers and grandfathers were invited to a Eucharistic celebration and a small programme in their honour.