Learning Support Assistants

About Us

We are proud to include a list of all the members of Staff who strive to give their best for the benefit of the children.


Ms Diane Abela
Ms Diandra Camilleri
Ms Mariah Camilleri
Ms Therese Azzopardi
Ms Anna Bartolo Gauci
Ms Debbie Bugeja
Ms Debbie Buscemi Le Brun
Ms Evangeline Busuttil
Ms Fleur Buttigieg
Ms Elaine Caruana
Ms Josmarie Cassar
Ms Judy Cauchi
Ms Monica Chircop
Ms Liliana Cuschieri
Ms Rebecca Cuschieri
Ms Tiziana Dalli Farrugia
Ms Sarah Darmenia
Ms Amanda Debono
Ms Tracy Debrueres
Ms Leanne Dimech Chetcuti
Ms Romina Dimech Genuis
Ms Becky Faenza
Ms Bernardette Farrugia
Ms Marthese Formosa
Ms Maria Formosa Galea
Ms Nancy Formosa
Ms Anna Grech
Ms Kimberly Grech
Ms Marianne Grech
Ms Louanne Vella
Ms Arlette Lentini
Ms Judy Magri
Ms Claire Mallia
Ms Franca Mamo Cefai
Ms Geraldine Meilak
Ms Karin Micallef
Ms Sandra Micallef
Ms Valentina Micallef
Ms Elaine Oliva
Ms Miriam Pace
Ms Sarah Jane Perini
Ms Christine Porter
Ms Connie Said
Ms Adriana Saliba
Ms Rina Maria Santangelo
Ms Rodianne Scicluna
Ms Taryn Trapani
Ms Karen Vella
Ms Carmen Xuereb
Ms Roanna Xuereb
Ms Mariella Zahra
Ms Petra Zammit
Ms Suzanne Zammit
Ms Claire Caruana
Ms Rachel Caruana
Ms Michelle Stanbmore
Ms Naomi Zammit